CDClogo The Community Direct Care Initiative

The Community Direct Care Initiative aim is to provide “the very best” Primary and Preventive Health Care to the Windsor area for the benefit of our greater community, a community inclusive of:

  • Healthy Individuals
  • Vibrant Families
  • Productive Employees and,
  • Supportive Employers

Heritage Direct Care is a founding member of this Initiative.  Evidence from across the country demonstrates that when individuals have an on-going relationship with a personal primary care physician they are healthier and more productive across their lifespan… and the amount of money spent on healthcare, over time, can be dramatically lower.

This has intrinsic value to the individual but becomes even more valuable when local employers help assure that their employees have access to the type of care made possible by the Direct Primary Care approach.

Without a focused effort from the broader community there may not be enough available physicians as projections indicate that the US currently has a shortage of primary care physicians (current shortage 19,000) and the trends are for the shortage to get bigger in the years ahead (31,000 by 2025).

The Community Direct Health Initiative provides the following services:

  1. Helps bring new topflight Direct Primary Care Practices to our community
  2. Helps educate the public about this emerging care model and its many benefits
  3. Helps prospective patients find a Direct Primary Care Physician that is best for them.
  4. Educates local employers on the value of utilizing Direct Primary Care as an optional component of the health benefits they offer their employees.
  5. Coordinates services with Benefit Specialist to help both patients and employers pair Direct Primary Care with the right Health Benefits/ Health Insurance.

For more Information or, to schedule a presentation please call Dean Sperry at 860-687-1594 or email

Scroll down to see some of the impacts Direct Primary Care has had in other parts of the USA.

Market Feedback on Direct Primary Care



Consumer Satisfaction

Net Promoter Scores are a widely used metric to measure consumer satisfaction within and across industries.

Two established Direct Primary Care practices, Iora Health and Qliance, have some of the highest scores ever recorded.


Studies verify that Direct Primary Care saves health care costs for both patients and employers:
  • Qliance, an established direct primary care practice in the state of Washington, examined insurance claims data for approximately 4,000 Qliance patients covered by employer benefit plans and compared the cost of their care to that of non-Qliance patients who worked for the same employers.
  • The results (to the right>) reveal a savings of $678,000 per 1,000 Qliance patients or 19.6% less expensive than the total claims for non-Qliance patients during the same period.


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