Our Solution is called


Readily Available

The Patient Experience Improves

This approach enables us to significantly improve our patients’ experience when compared to traditional primary care.

Better Care

The Relationship Strengthens

Patients have ready access to their own physician receiving continuous, comprehensive, and personalized primary care.

More Value

The Method of Payment Changes

Direct Primary Care’s name is derived from how we charge for our services, namely, via a direct payment to our practice, outside of insurance, in the form of a monthly subscription fee.

See how Direct Primary Care compares to a practice that takes medical insurance?

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Insurance Model

Direct Care Model

Primary Care under the Insurance Model

Typical Patient Experiences:

  • Appointments are hard to get
  • My doctor is rushed
  • The office staff seems stressed
  • Insurance rules add complexity
  • I do not always fully understand my diagnosis and treatment options

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 What changes for the Patient under Direct Care:

  • Primary care is paid via monthly subscription directly to my doctor (not via insurance)
  • Same/next day appointments are the norm
  • Unrushed interactions with my personal physician
  • Receive care from my doctor via phone, text and video as well as face-to face
  • Medications and Labs available at wholesales rates
  • Comprehensive medical care from a physician that really knows me

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What changes for the Doctor under Direct Care:

  • Reduced # of patients
  • Subscription fees vs. insurance payments
  • Smaller staff… all dedicate to patient care
  • More patient time
  • New technology to support the patient relationship

scroll down to see how the Direct Care Model makes life better for the Patient

 Primary Care under the Direct Care Model

Typical Patient Experiences

  • My doctor is readily available
  • My doctor has time for me
  • My doctor advocates for me
  • My doctor helps me stay healthy
  • My doctor really knows me
  • My doctor loves her job
  • Overall I spend less to stay healthier

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